Rebel and break some diet rules!

Don’t eat after dinner. Don’t mix carbs and protein. Don’t ever eat fast food again! It seems that just as you’re about to enjoy something delicious, someone comes along and tells you a diet myth that will make you wonder…“should I eat that?” There are so many of these “diet rules” that keep you guessing. Obey or nay? Well guess no more! Break a few rules and still lose weight.

#1 Don’t eat after dinner

If you’re hungry, denying your body of fuel will only SLOW your metabolism, which in turn makes your body hold onto fat. So if you’re hungry after dinner, just choose a healthy snack. If you usually want a snack after dinner, plan your day so you can afford those extra calories.

#2 Avoid forbidden foods

Indulge yourself — in moderation. If you try to substitute your way out of a craving, you might end up eating more calories than if you had just eaten what you wanted!

#3 Bread is the devil

Your body craves carbs because they are the body’s preferred source of energy. Whole grain bread is a complex carbohydrate, which contains provide filling fiber. Skipping carbs altogether can set you up for an all-out carb binge.

#4 Don’t eat any fast food

Eating a real meal will be more satisfying than a protein bar or shake. If that meal has to be at a fast food place, there are many choices these days to help you eat healthy. Skip the cheese, mayo, and creamy sauces; ask for grilled, not fried, and order the smallest size available. Your best bets are a grilled chicken sandwich, hamburger, or a salad with grilled chicken (get reduced-fat dressing).

When you limit yourself, you psychologically set yourself up for a binge. If you eat smart by breaking a few rules, you set yourself up for success.


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