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Are You Ready?

Your summer seems like it has just begun and it’s already time to start thinking about returning to college in the fall.  Are you ready?

What to bring with you:

  • Computer – Laptops work best in dorm rooms due to lack of space.  If you are worried about theft, a laptop lock can be a great investment.   Thumb drives could be very useful also.
  • Recording device – for those of you who don’t take good notes, this will become your biggest asset.
  • Alarm Clock – A necessity for getting to class on time.
  • Small fridge, small microwave, and small TV – make sure to coordinate this with your roommate.  Your dorm room will not be big enough for two.
  • Bedding – check your schools website before purchasing your sheets to verify the size sheets you will need. Most college residence halls have extra-long twin beds, and your standard twin ben sheets will not work.  Don’t forget your pillow and blanket.  They are not supplied in most dorm rooms.
  • Crates – A fantastic storage unit for college students.  They can transport your things while you travel, can be arranged in your dorm to fit anywhere, and they are cheap.
  • Clothing:  Keep in mind, your space is limited.  Try to remember that you will be spending most of your time in the classroom.  Therefore, concentrate on building your wardrobe with casual clothing you can wear to class.  Don’t forget to pack “going out” clothes for those occasions that you will be hitting the town.  And, don’t forget your undergarments and socks.
  • Clothes hangers, a pop up laundry bin or laundry bag, and detergent.  Don’t forget quarters to do your laundry with.  A couple rolls of quarters should get you started.
  • Command Organizers – a perfect and stylish way to organize your belongings without damaging the walls.
  • A Shower Organizer – More than likely you will be sharing a communal shower area.  You will need a way to transport your shower supplies.  The organizers with holes in the bottom work best.
  • Shower shoes and a robe
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothbrush holder, mouthwash, hair brush, soap, soap dish, comb, hair dryer, washcloths, towels, deodorant, perfume, nail clippers, nail file, lotion, Q-tips.
  • School Supplies – paper, notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, backpack, index cards, binders, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, push pins, etc.  You could wait until you get there, but these items will save you money if you purchase them in advance when they are on sale, versus buying them at the bookstore.
  • First Aid Supplies – pain relievers, Band-Aids,  Neosporin
  • Ear plugs for those evenings you need comfortable solitude.  This may the only way to achieve this.
  • Dishes and utensils – Just in case you want to take advantage of that mini fridge and microwave in your room.   A couple of plates, bowls, glasses and silverware will come in very handy.  The dollar store is a great place to pick up inexpensive dishes you can use and wash.  Plastic would be your best bet.  Don’t forget paper towels.  You will need them.
  • Power strip with surge protection and extension cords.  You have electronics in your room, but will you have enough plugs to make them all run?

Happy shopping!


How Do You Spell Summer?


S.      Stay Balanced – College can be an overwhelming time in your life.  Keep yourself focused on your goal, but also make time for the things in your life that make you happy.  Summer break is a time to give you just that – A break.  Give yourself time to unwind and relax, and rejuvenate yourself for the academic year ahead of you.  

U.    Understand you have a short amount of time to spend with family and friends back home before returning to college.  Make the best of your time.

M.    Make Choices – This will be the time others give you advice about your future and what direction you should be heading in.  Take time to think about your likes and dislikes and determine your path.  Make choices that you can adhere to and set your goals.

M.    Manage Your Finances – College is a time where struggles with finances are notorious.  While summer vacation is a time to take a break, it is not a time to break your bank.  Keep focused on what is important….getting through college successfully, with as little debt as possible.

E.     Explore your Options – While many know “what they want to be when they grow up” – a Doctor, Lawyer, etc., others have no idea what their major will be.  No matter where you are with your decision, you should take advantage of all your school has to offer.  Venture off the beaten path and expand your horizons.  Take classes in a subject you know nothing about.  Make the best of your college career.

R.    Remember  – the classroom is not the only place to learn – Take time during the summer to explore different facets in life.  Spend time in your local museum, learn to play an instrument. Try out a new sport.   

 Life has endless possibilities.