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Halloween treats can be tricky!

For many of us, having pounds and pounds of Halloween candy in the house is scarier than any horror movie or haunted house attraction! Before you know it, you’re picking up bags and bags of candy “just to have it” and find yourself pigging out on it well before All Hallow’s eve. If this is you, here are a few tips to ward off the evil chocolate delicacies:

  • Don’t buy your Halloween candy until a day or two before Halloween. Don’t worry that the store will be all sold out. They know what day it is and they’re not going to miss out on making a buck on candy sales.
  • Buy a candy that you don’t like. If you hate coconut, plan on giving out Almond Joys. If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate or mint, think about peppermint patties.
  • Go with the bag of mixed candy that includes hard candies, lollipops and tootsie rolls. You’ll find yourself less tempted and it’s actually a better treat for the littler ones who come to the door.
  • Don’t give chocolate! Give gum, gummy bears or similar fat free candy and lollipops. Don’t be afraid to buy popcorn balls or Doritos or chips in small bags. Kids get sick of chocolate after a while and welcome a little change of pace. Look for light up necklaces or other trinkets that kids will go crazy for.
  • Give out cold waters or juice boxes to the trick or treaters. They’ll appreciate the treat they can use right then and there. It’s a pretty good gamble that they didn’t bring anything to drink, and after traversing around the neighborhood and sampling their goodies, they could use a cold drink.

Don’t let Halloween be an excuse to get all scary with your sweets. Take a few precautions and keep Halloween healthy for you, your family and your trick or treaters.