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Hello world!

We’re new to blogging, but certainly not to the health insurance biz!

Who is Collegiate Risk Management?

Since 1996, Collegiate Risk Management has been a national student health insurance company that helps colleges and universities secure the best student health insurance coverage at the best rate. Taking a consultative approach, we devise health coverage plans that make the most sense for each specific school and its students today. We are dedicated to providing quality performance and excellent customer service to college students, parents and university administrators.

What’s our blogger buzz?

We’re here to provide college students, parents and university administrators with useful information about:

  • Being healthy
  • Getting and maintaining your insurance
  • Doing well in college and beyond
  • Insurance industry info and news
  • Tips and tricks

So stay tuned for more blog posts! If you have a blog article topic suggestion and/or question, let us know by writing a comment. You may also email us at crm@collegiaterisk.com or call us at 1-800-922-3420. We’re here for you! Be assured that you’re insured with us!