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Establish a relationship with your doctor!

Does your doctor know you? 

Doctors assist patients without charging them, for refills on prescriptions to phone advice. That is… if your doctor knows you! If your doctor doesn’t know you, these things are not available to you.

Even if you are rarely ill, it is a good idea to see your doctor once a year.  You can use this appointment to discuss updating vaccines, routine screening tests, or perhaps that itch or dark spot you wouldn’t bother to seek medical attention for otherwise.  Such a visit could last only a few minutes and cost considerably less than a longer visit for an illness.  Patients who see their doctors at least once a year, would benefit from effective partnering as well.

Longer office visits usually cost more than shorter visits, but still less than multiple appointments, and have the advantage of saving a second co-pay.

CRM Tip:  Are you a student?  Can you go to your student health center on campus for routine things first?  Great idea and it will save you money!

How to Save Money on Doctor & Emergency Room Visits

Firstly, Health Centers on your campus are a great resource.  They can really save students money.

Secondly, Don’t go to the doctor, if you don’t need to.  How do you know?  Use some common sense and THINK ABOUT IT FIRST!

One of the many things we see in the Health Insurance field, is that students seem to go to hospital emergency rooms for non-emergencies.  This costs a great deal of money! And we hate to say it but… that was totally unnecessary! Making an appointment with a doctor, or going to an Urgent Care Clinic when necessary will avoid those costly emergency room expenses.

What to do before visiting a doctor

The #1 reason patients make unnecessary doctor’s visits is for a head cold. But here’s the catch, a typical head cold resolves itself in about a week without treatment!  Antibiotics don’t help a cold virus – your own immune system heals you.  But when symptoms progress into your chest, then a doctor’s visit is warranted.  So… to begin with — try chicken soup, instead of antibiotics!

Ask your Mom, grandma, the lady next door who raised seven kids… what they suggest.  Or call a local “Ask-a-Nurse hotline.”  If you call your doctor’s office, make sure you:

  • Give a brief but accurate synopsis of your symptoms
  • Ask them if you should be seen or how long you should give your body to heal on its own

Minor illnesses and accidents can also be treated at home!

Did you know that…

  • Minor sprains can heal within just a few days
  • Back pain be relieved with some exercises and lying still for a few days
  • Burns that doesn’t cause blistering just need to be kept clean and bee stings that only swell locally (without other symptoms) can be treated with OTS antihistamines.

So before you go to the doctor’s office or hospital, be sure to do some research on your own and see if your body just needs a few days to heal on its own.

CRM Can Help:  Call Collegiate Risk Management at 1-800-922-3420 for information on a program we have available called Tele-Doc.  For $40 per year, you can place calls to a medical doctor who can call in prescriptions for you, avoiding costly doctor visits.

Halloween treats can be tricky!

For many of us, having pounds and pounds of Halloween candy in the house is scarier than any horror movie or haunted house attraction! Before you know it, you’re picking up bags and bags of candy “just to have it” and find yourself pigging out on it well before All Hallow’s eve. If this is you, here are a few tips to ward off the evil chocolate delicacies:

  • Don’t buy your Halloween candy until a day or two before Halloween. Don’t worry that the store will be all sold out. They know what day it is and they’re not going to miss out on making a buck on candy sales.
  • Buy a candy that you don’t like. If you hate coconut, plan on giving out Almond Joys. If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate or mint, think about peppermint patties.
  • Go with the bag of mixed candy that includes hard candies, lollipops and tootsie rolls. You’ll find yourself less tempted and it’s actually a better treat for the littler ones who come to the door.
  • Don’t give chocolate! Give gum, gummy bears or similar fat free candy and lollipops. Don’t be afraid to buy popcorn balls or Doritos or chips in small bags. Kids get sick of chocolate after a while and welcome a little change of pace. Look for light up necklaces or other trinkets that kids will go crazy for.
  • Give out cold waters or juice boxes to the trick or treaters. They’ll appreciate the treat they can use right then and there. It’s a pretty good gamble that they didn’t bring anything to drink, and after traversing around the neighborhood and sampling their goodies, they could use a cold drink.

Don’t let Halloween be an excuse to get all scary with your sweets. Take a few precautions and keep Halloween healthy for you, your family and your trick or treaters.

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