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Establish a relationship with your doctor!

Does your doctor know you? 

Doctors assist patients without charging them, for refills on prescriptions to phone advice. That is… if your doctor knows you! If your doctor doesn’t know you, these things are not available to you.

Even if you are rarely ill, it is a good idea to see your doctor once a year.  You can use this appointment to discuss updating vaccines, routine screening tests, or perhaps that itch or dark spot you wouldn’t bother to seek medical attention for otherwise.  Such a visit could last only a few minutes and cost considerably less than a longer visit for an illness.  Patients who see their doctors at least once a year, would benefit from effective partnering as well.

Longer office visits usually cost more than shorter visits, but still less than multiple appointments, and have the advantage of saving a second co-pay.

CRM Tip:  Are you a student?  Can you go to your student health center on campus for routine things first?  Great idea and it will save you money!