About Our Company

At Collegiate Risk Management, we strive to be an advocate for every insured college student, parent and school administrator. In doing so, we have built a strong reputation as a consultant, partner and trusted adviser. We are truly dedicated to forming and maintaining long-term relationships by sharing our expertise and knowledge of the student health insurance industry and by providing unparalleled customer service.
We are committed to consistently exceeding expectations by offering:
  • A staff of dedicated, knowledgeable, professional customer service personnel
    who make it easy for every insured student to receive personal service.
  • Toll free accessibility to customer service and claims representatives with extended hours
  • Health Insurance representatives who have instant access to verify eligibility,
    and help students with any concerns.
  • Plan-holder ID cards sent within 2 days of receipt of enrollment in a student health insurance plan.
  • A student Advocate available to you and your students on your campus to answer any questions,
    facilitate enrollment and resolve any insurance issues.
  • Interpreters in 34 different languages to assist students with student health insurance questions.

Collegiate Risk Management is a Student Health Insurance Broker/Consultant that is different in concept, management style, responsiveness and accountability. We are a company that believes a small difference in every effort adds up to a big difference overall. We believe the key to quality performance and customer satisfaction is to deliver on our promises. Click here for more benefits of Collegiate Risk Management.

Additionally, Collegiate Risk Management has received many honors for the work we do and the way we do it, including:

  • 2003 Small Business of the Year, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • 2004 Outstanding Woman-Owned Business of the Year, St. Pete Chamber of Commerce
  • 2005 Business of the Year, Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce and Upper Pinellas Chambers of Commerce
  • 2006 Wachovia Woman Business Owner of the Year

Our business is student health insurance and serving you and your students is our main goal.

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